Preemptive Strike

Dear Mom,

In an effort to be more efficient I’ve decided to devote my blog this morning to answering the questions you’ll have for me when you wake up.

Love, Jimmy


(Carol’s Morning Questions edition)

1. “Where are you?” Dunkin’ Donuts, writing my blog.

2. “Are you coming home?” No, I am working today because I was off Thursday for court, remember?

3. “Are you going to be here for supper?” No. I am going to go to Joe’s house after work and then we are going to a Spaghetti Supper in Pawtucket.

4. “Who’s Joe?” (Sigh) My sponsor, Mom.

5. “It’s ALL THE WAY in Pawtucket?” Yes, Mom…all the 8 miles to Pawtucket.

6. “Did you clean the litter box?” No. I forgot. I’ll do it when I get home tonight.

7. “Did you pay the line of credit?” Yes. Yesterday.

8. “Do you need anything at the store?” Yes, I updated the Grocery List.

9. “What do you want for supper?” See question 3.

10. “Did you have to post this on Facebook?” Have you met me?

Someone thinks she’s hysterical: