Interlock Device Installation Experience

Today I am having the interlock device installed into my car and the experience has been less than satisfactory. I am experiencing something that I have yet to experience since my DWI..Judgement. The “gentleman” who owns the auto shop I am at has been nothing short of rude the entire time I’ve been here. The whole experience has been horrifying. He’s been short, curt, dismissive and belligerent. I had to provide a credit card for the “insurance” on the device and since I only have a debit card he told me I had to provide the PIN. Now, working in banking and also not being a complete idiot I know NEVER to provide your PIN to anyone, but this guy had me by the balls and was brow beating me into giving it to him. Thankfully the Bank of America App allows me to lock my card and I will be changing my PIN as soon as I leave. I contacted the company I am leasing the device from about this and asked if this was standard practice and they said yes which is mind boggling to me. Once I have the device uninstalled in March I am going to Yelp the shit out of this dude…


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