Thanksgiving Gratitudes

Happy Thanksgiving, All! I hope everyone who reads this has a safe, sane and sober holiday! I am going to take the easy way out today and do a gratitudes list instead of digging in deep into some situations that have come up within the last several days that are preoccupying my brain. The good news is that I have my support system in place that keeps me in check. While I am concerned that my “pink cloud” stage may be coming to an end and the real work is about to begin, I am confident that I’ve made the right connections and established the healthy habits(the blog specifically) to make it through the next stage of my recovery. So bring on the list!

Jim’s Thankgiving Day Gratitudes List

(No particular order)

  1. My Family – I have come to realize in the past year the importance of my family in my life. They have shown such love and support to me and I will forever be grateful. I used to feel so alone and like an outsider, but I realize now that those feelings were misguided. I am an important part of my family and I take that role very seriously.
  2. My Friends – My entire life I have searched to amass as many of these as possible. I have, in the past, not been very selective. This past year has shown me the difference between a friend and an acquaintance. People who I consider my friends these days more likely fit into the “family” category. You guys know who you are. Some of you have been there my entire life, some of you for a few decades and some of you for just a few years. All of you hold your own special place in my heart. Thank you.
  3. Alcoholics Anonymous – The program works. It has saved my life and given me back that which I never thought I had ever had or ever thought I could have…my sanity.
  4. Smitty and Spanky – My cats are such a wonderful source of strength for me. I know this may sound strange because they are pets, but my relationship with these wonderful creatures and the love and devotion they show to me has gotten me through most of the troubling times in my adult life. The eight months I spent without them was one of the worst times in my life and having them back truly began my journey to sanity. I am very lucky to have had Smitty for almost 17 years and Spanky for almost 14 years. I know that there will be a time in the not so distant future when they will both move on and I plan to cherish every moment I have with both of them while I can.
  5. My job – Although I am not completely fulfilled in my career, my job has afford me the time and resources to regain my life, health and sanity. While it may frustrate the hell out of me on a daily basis, when I am there, I work as hard as I can, because without that job I would not be where I am today.
  6. My sponsor – Joe has opened my mind to the world of possibilities I see before me. I respect him so much for reaching out to me and seeing my sick soul and offering a path to sobriety. He is an inspiration to me and I will work very hard to honor him by leading a sober, sane life.
  7. My Mom – Along with everything stated in #1, I have to include a separate gratitude to her. I’ve given my Mom alot of sleepless nights. I don’t know that I can possibly ever make up to her everything that should be, but I will continue to attempt to do so every day for the rest of our lives.
  8. Finally…Me. Yes I am grateful for me. I am grateful that I have allowed myself the patience to strive to get better. I am grateful that I have forgiven myself for the things I shouldn’t have blamed myself for in the past and the strength I have to move to forward.

That’s it. I wish you all the happiest of Holidays and a prosperous New Year!


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