Judgement Day 2: This Time It’s Judgier


Great news! My day in court went well. I have to go back for official sentencing on November 30th but here is the deal I got:

  • 30 Days Limited Driving( To and from work only)
  • $400 fine
  • 20 hours of community service
  • No probation
  • 5 months with Interlock Ignition Device(breathalyzer in car connected to the ignition)

I am so completely blessed by this. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been dreading this and I feel like my Higher Power stepped in and gave me a break. Losing my license, even for just 30 days, completely would have been a major strain on my household. I’ve put my Mom through so much this year and I really didn’t want her to have to worry about driving in the winter at night. The $400 fine is going to take me a while to pay, but they let you make weekly payments on it so that will be manageable.

I am actually looking forward to the community service. If anyone can think of a good place to lend a hand please let me know. I was thinking about possibly Youth Pride or AIDS  Care Ocean State maybe. Something in the community.

As far as the Interlock system goes that is the only thing that concerns me. The monthly service fee is $75/month, so I’m going to need to do some creative accounting to figure that all out. I’m thinking part-time job on the weekends or nights. Anyone have any ideas?

Lastly, THANK YOU ALL!!!! The messages/phone calls and texts of support I have received throughout all of this time has been so key to my recovery. I have never felt so much love in my life! You guys are great!


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